December 08, 2003

Japan 9: --interlude--

Freaky dream last night. I was walking down the street with the two Japanese twins in Uppingham and we walked passed, crossed a group of young guys. I don't think they actually said anything, but somehow I was aware that one of them had made a racist comment. I turned to confront them, and the guy who'd made the comment sort of became more heroic, stronger bone structure, windswept blond hair. Probably early twenties/late teens.

So next thing I know, he and I are jousting on an open field. Just before that, he's thrown a circular ceiling light tube at me. So, we're jousting. I'm on foot, he's on a horse. He has a long black pole that he's wielding like a sword, and also an axe. I have something puny, so a smaller younger guy next to me passes me an axe. I feel no fear, feel like I have lightning reactions and am totally poised. As he comes at me I duck his blow, swing my axe and take off his head. His body is black, swaying a bit but walking around. I look around to the folks I'm with, and they seem a little shocked by the extremity of my actions.

The beheaded guy picks up his head and puts it back on. It goes a little rubbery, but then seems okay. We start fighting again. He has his axe tucked under his arm, with the blade pointing backwards, so I rush him before he can grab it, get a few elbows to him, and then execute a cool as hell manoeuvre where I reach around, pull the axe from under his arm, and then bring it in one smooth movement horizontally to his neck. This time he's dead.

At this point, it becomes clear that he's some kind of heir to some god and that I've done something very wrong by killing him, and that he could only be killed by his own axe, because that was made by the gods. All hell breaks loose (or is it all heaven?) - we pan up to a village of the gods where there's a commotion going on because the news has reached them. The head dude and a bunch of honchos descend to the real world to confront me, and they do so in a large courtroom that looks like a courtyard. Then I wake up.

Posted by mthaddon at December 8, 2003 09:04 PM