October 11, 2004

bush is a twat

I had this overwhelming urge today to buy www.bushisatwat.com and put up a page saying - "someone had to say it", I think the idea of that kind of blank, irreverent british comment just amused the hell out of me. Unfortunately, it was taken, so instead of that comic masterpiece, all I have to show for it is the idea and this blog entry.

I've been getting more interested in the upcoming elections, and have been talking a bit to some folks that have spent a lot of time studying it. I've also watched both of the presidential debates. I think I can honestly say that this is the most politically involved I've ever been. With the exception of voting for the Natural Law party in the UK while on mushrooms.

Anyway, I sent an email to the guy who owns www.bushisatwat.com, and asked him what he's planning to do with it. I mean, do the words "missed opportunity" not mean anything to this guy, or is it a defensive purchase by the ever-organized Republicans? Guess I may find out soon enough.

Posted by mthaddon at October 11, 2004 02:26 PM