March 22, 2005

Taking it on Faith

So I've been thinking quite a lot about spirituality/religion/Christianity recently mostly due to my brother's influence. And I don't think too many of these thoughts are new to me, but I thought they were worth recording in any case.

The main thing that I can't quite understand about the Christian cosmology is the concept of heaven and hell. One is a place that's great and fantastic and bathed in God's love, and the other is where sinners rot in misery and pain. What I don't quite understand about this (or rather, one of the things that I don't quite understand about this), is this: imagine you're in heaven. Everything's cool. God loves you for the rest of eternity. Great?


How can it be? How can you feel great when you know that there are millions upon millions of people/souls who are in constant agony and perpetual pain in the depths of hell? How exactly are you supposed to feel good about that? Surely the existence of Hell makes the existence of Heaven impossible.

Who cares if they lead sinful lives? A little forgiveness here? They didn't know any better. Obviously they didn't, or they wouldn't have condemned themselves to this fate. So come on, God, cut the poor bastards some slack, just let everyone into Heaven. Why not? Surely you can do that? You're God, after all, so you _make_ the rules.

Posted by mthaddon at March 22, 2005 11:54 AM