February 13, 2006

Castle Rock Climbing

It's 3am, London time. I can't sleep. My jet lag demons have finally caught up with me and after years of getting away without really experiencing jet lag, I'm finally screwed. I go to bed early, wake up a few hours later, and then stay awake all morning. I can't wait to just be able to sleep a full night, but I don't think it helps that I have no schedule (let's pronounce that the British way, people - shedule) and so no real pressing need to overcome this jetlag.

Hooked up with some old friends last night, which was very cool. Along with watching the Six Nations, the ability to call people on a cell phone and have them be right there is definitely the highlight of life in the UK so far. Or at least it was, until I decided to walk from our place in Crouch End to Simon's in Stoke Newington. About a half an hour walk in the end, and definitely more than I'd thought (oh well), but along the way I discovered Green Lanes, a cool street which is littered with parks and green spaces (including Finsbury Park), and is also the home to Castle Climbing. How frickin cool is that. We three musketeers will be going to investigate tomorrow afternoon. Oh yes.

Posted by mthaddon at February 13, 2006 07:09 PM