January 03, 2007

Best laid plans

Came home last night to be handed the phone by Shirl as I walked in the door. As I was saying hello to Carin I noticed something on the carpet in our hallway just outside Shirl's office. There was a moment of reality disconnect when I couldn't work out what it was because it seemed so unlikely, but there it was. A mouse. Sitting quietly as .... well, you know.

I interrupted my non-existent conversation with Carin (we hadn't even got started yet) to say to Shirl, "there's a mouse on the carpet". I then told Carin we'd have to call her back as we had, "a situation". I think this was, by this stage, pretty clear. Shirl's screams were adding to the panic of the situation and Carin could more than hear them over the phone. I rushed to put the phone down and think of what to do next. Must get the mouse out somehow, but how, put a bowl over it, it might run, it might run into Shirl's office - Shirl, shut the door - it might run into the bedroom, better close the bedroom door, but how do I get there without the mouse running into either Shirl's room, or the bedroom?

Through all this chaos, the mouse hardly moved.

Even as I flicked the hall lights on, it just sat there. Even as I slowly lowered our rice cooker's bowl over the top of it, it hardly moved. Just sat there, self-contained, on the carpet. Even as I slid the placemat underneath, lifted it up and made to take it outside, it hardly moved.

I headed out to the patio out back, but realised I was either going to be putting it in our back garden (okay, garden's a bit of a generous term), or someone else's, so I realised I better put it out front.

Shirl let me out the front door, and I tip-toed to the fencing at the end of our row of houses and let him out.

And he just stayed there, squatting cutely, as I backed away and headed inside.

Shirl saw him today, squashed.

Posted by mthaddon at January 3, 2007 08:44 AM