June 12, 2004

Perpetual Motion

I'm driving down the street - Divisadero. I'm just about to swing around the corner onto my street, and for a moment, I can feel it. I can feel them.

I'm moving along this vibrant, sunny street. A bicyclist sails past a line of parked cars to the right of me. A tattooed, twenty-something with a green t-shirt and a John Deere baseball cap lounges along the sidewalk towards us. All three of us are part of the same movement.

Planets orbiting a star, dancers gliding across a ballroom.

And then life goes on.

Posted by mthaddon at 08:28 PM


There's this song by Hilmar Írn Hilmarsson & Sigurr called Minning. I had to look that up, because there aren't any words to it and I'd no idea what it was called. I've no idea what it means, either.

Anyway, I was falling asleep one night and had the music on random from a list of about 3,000, and then this one kicked in. It's a very simple, but haunting tune. I don't think I'd ever heard it before, and yet it was eerily familiar. Something about it struck me in a frightening way. It felt like a wedge had been driven into my reality, a cold and ominous physical presence that made me ache - that's the only way I can describe it. It seemed to be something that went way back with me. Black thoughts swam through me.

And then the song ended. I could feel the weight of it lift off me. My presence of mind returned, and the moment passed.

Posted by mthaddon at 08:17 PM