May 12, 2005

CD out for a stroll

Was driving to work this morning along 9th Street along with the regular river of traffic. It's a road that feeds onto both the 101 South (to the Peninsula) and the 80 East (to the Bay Bridge). It's four or five lanes of one way traffic with a bunch of synchronized traffic lights, so once everyone gets moving it's like a thundering herd of wildebeast.

Half way down the street I noticed a CD rolling vertically along its edge underneath the body of the car ahead of me. It wasn't quite going fast enough to keep up, so before long it was running out on the road between me and the car before me, and then was quickly swallowed up underneath my car. I tried to make sure my tires didn't go over it.

I never found out what happened to it, or why it felt impelled to make such a heroic leap into the traffic, but I wish it luck on it's course through this crazy life!

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May 11, 2005

Good shit

I love this kind of stuff. Real inspiring read, basically about what companies are, what risk is, what experience is...

And then there's this one as well. Why DRM won't work.

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May 09, 2005

Thoughts are just thoughts

I'm realizing and experiencing that it's very important sometimes to remember that

thoughts are just thoughts

What this means to me is that:

- You can't control them, and you shouldn't attempt to.
- You don't have to pay attention to them and become involved in them.
- It's harder to do this if you aren't used to it. It's still hard if you are.

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