January 18, 2007

Not so little after all

Funny (in a climbing-funny-peculiar-type-way). I can do five pullups on my finger tips on a door ledge without too much problem. But try taking away my little fingers and I can barely hang on the door ledge at all, let alone do one pullup. Not so little after all, eh? Need to work on my finger strength, methinks.

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January 09, 2007

Personal Carbon Offsetting

First came across the idea a few months ago, and despite some searching and contacting of some people "in the business" (in the environmental business, I mean, not specifically in the carbon offsetting business), I still have no clear idea of what the best way to approach this is. Or which organizations I should be looking at for this. If anyone has any ideas, please contact me...

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January 08, 2007

KSFO madness

Very interesting article for anyone like me who imagined that San Francisco is a haven of liberalism and internationalism in the US. ABC tries to shut down blogger for exposing right wing garbage to KSFO advertisers.

Seems like a case of masking the true content of a radio show under the family friendly Disney brand, and then claiming illegality for what was actually fair use when the fact that someone highlights this to the advertisers concerned costs them revenue.

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January 03, 2007

Best laid plans

Came home last night to be handed the phone by Shirl as I walked in the door. As I was saying hello to Carin I noticed something on the carpet in our hallway just outside Shirl's office. There was a moment of reality disconnect when I couldn't work out what it was because it seemed so unlikely, but there it was. A mouse. Sitting quietly as .... well, you know.

I interrupted my non-existent conversation with Carin (we hadn't even got started yet) to say to Shirl, "there's a mouse on the carpet". I then told Carin we'd have to call her back as we had, "a situation". I think this was, by this stage, pretty clear. Shirl's screams were adding to the panic of the situation and Carin could more than hear them over the phone. I rushed to put the phone down and think of what to do next. Must get the mouse out somehow, but how, put a bowl over it, it might run, it might run into Shirl's office - Shirl, shut the door - it might run into the bedroom, better close the bedroom door, but how do I get there without the mouse running into either Shirl's room, or the bedroom?

Through all this chaos, the mouse hardly moved.

Even as I flicked the hall lights on, it just sat there. Even as I slowly lowered our rice cooker's bowl over the top of it, it hardly moved. Just sat there, self-contained, on the carpet. Even as I slid the placemat underneath, lifted it up and made to take it outside, it hardly moved.

I headed out to the patio out back, but realised I was either going to be putting it in our back garden (okay, garden's a bit of a generous term), or someone else's, so I realised I better put it out front.

Shirl let me out the front door, and I tip-toed to the fencing at the end of our row of houses and let him out.

And he just stayed there, squatting cutely, as I backed away and headed inside.

Shirl saw him today, squashed.

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